5S In Bel Primary School 

Importance of 5S  : 5S focuses on putting everything where it belongs and keeping the work place clean. It helps us to organize spaces so that work can be performed effectively and efficiently.

The 5s System follows the following stages

  1. Sort : remove or discard what is not needed. All the discarded items are kept in the Red Tag Area for further disposal.

  2. Set in order: Putting things in the proper place.

  3. Shine : this stage focuses on cleaning up the work area like sweeping, mopping, wiping and dusting and regular maintenance.

  4. Standardize : this systematizes everything that has happened and turns one time efforts into habits. Cleaning and organizing becomes the regular part of our work. Ensure not to return to the disorganized state.

  5. Sustain : It refers to the process of keeping the system running smoothly as well as involving everyone.


Benefits of 5S in our school

Before the advent of 5S, spaces in our school was cluttered and confusing. Files and other items were not labeled properly. The materials were kept in haphazard manner. The classrooms were not cleaned regularly. The switch boards, fans, lights, floors benches, cupboards, etc. were not cleaned.
After implementation of 5s, space was created and the materials in the school had an assigned place and were labeled and kept in an orderly manner. Rooms were cleaned by the students with the help of the teachers and attenders.
The students of our school will be benefited to a great extent in their life with the implementation of 5s. The 5s teaches the students to inculcate cleanliness, hygiene and to keep their things in an orderly manner. It also improves the sense of responsibility and teamwork among the students and the faculty.

Before the implementation of 5s

Process of cleaning




After implementation of 5s











First Grade College


5 S – Efficiently Working

5-s practiced is in our school to show significant improvement of safety, productivity, efficiency & housekeeping. It also intends to build stronger work ethic within the teachers & students who would be expected to continue the good practices. The effectiveness & standardize operating system in a systematic order add more value to the school.



School Entrance
KV Ground
Spacious cleaned classrooms
Play area cleaned on daily basis
Boys Washroom
Girls Washroom
Standardize Buttons 
 Office room cupboard
Teachers Cupboard 


Class Teacher cupboard