Bel First Grade College, Jalahalli, Bangalore.

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1) The College Commenced on 20.06.2017& an Induction Programme was conducted on 20th July 2017 to Welcome the I year B.Com Students. 2) In the month of July 2017, Road Traffic Awareness Programme conducted by Traffic Police, Jalahalli, Bangalore. 3) On 7th September 2017, Entrepreneur Day was organized for Final Year B.Com Students with the objective of enhancing their Entrepreneurial Skill and 8 Stalls were managed by the Students in which they sold Homemade edible products & Handicrafts with 30% Profits. 4) In March 2018, Commerce Department organised COMPANY INFO Day & Competition was conducted for all the Class students and Students from the respective classes arranged their class rooms with different ‘Product Line’ of various Companies. 5) A Parent-Teacher meeting was held twice, one in the month of August 2017 during Odd semester and another meeting in the month of March 2018 during Even Semester, with the objective of discussing the students performance in academics with their parents and Students who scored 90% and above in various subjects were given a token of appreciation by the Principal and the staff. 6) Students attended Bengaluru Central University Inaugural Function

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No announcement available or all announcement expired.