MANTHAN To IMPROVE THE Professional excellence of teachers and the quality of the Institutions through training programme”.

Manthan is a series of training programme for the teaching and Non-teaching staff of BEEI. Eminent resource people have been invited with a view to bring about a change in course of teaching innovatively in classes.

Teachers play very important role in moulding the future of the students. The teachers have to abreast with the latest teaching methods, trends, innovations for their creative classrooms teaching.

In view of professional growth of teachers, BEEI Management Committee has planned a special need based programme “MANTHAN” ,a monthly teachers training programme starting from November 2017. The meaning of Manthan is “CHURNING”. During the training programme , the teachers interact (churn) on required subject and good practices are also shared among BEEI. This programme will benefit the teaching fraternity and students of BEEI.

The teachers and HOI’s of BEEI will suggest the management committee the required and need based topics for the training programme and also topics suggested by Management Committee.

Manthan also help teachers to go beyond the text book and gain an understanding of how to imbibe in learners an attitude for problem solving approaches and research initiatives.

It helps in guiding teachers to develop practical skills required in designing sessions to meet the expected learning objectives.

To sensitize teachers about evolving societal needs like gender sensitivity, sustainable development and promotion of ethics.

BEEI has expert resources persons. Their services and expertise will be utilized in this series to give exposure to them.

The Resource persons from CLD, (Centre for Learning and Development), Bharat Electronics, will also be invited for the prestigious “MANTHAN” programme.

The Alumni of BEEI, who are experts in various domains are welcome to give lectures in MANTHAN Series.   


  Two days Teachers Training Programme on topic Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Mr.Vishnu Swarup O.V on 06 and 7th of October in CTD BEL Bangalore-13 Mr.A.Ravisankaran, Chairman,BEEIMC Inaugurated the training programme.                                        

Mrs. Prashanth Kanchana  gave a lecture on “Stress free teaching” for the BEEI staff ,  which was held during the month of November.

  Manthan on womens day was held in the month of March by Dr.Asha Swarup (Gynecologist) Ramaiah Hospital & Dr Sundari (Gynecologist) Ramaiah Hospital exclusively for women BEEI staff. Manthan on Implementation of 5S in BEEI on 25.08.2018 in BEL CBSE School  auditorium.


Introduction of Teachers /Lecturer Training Programme in BEEI, Mrs.N.SHOBHA, Lecturer in Commerce & Management, BEL First Grade College gave a lecture on“PRERANA –JOURNEY FROM TEACHER TO GURU”.